Active Streets for Schools program

Walking or cycling to school seems like a good idea. Active Streets is an ACT Government initiative to encourage children to walk to school. Most of never heard of it. Currently, the program is still poorly funded.

More information found at Active Streets for Schools, ACT Government.

The Active Streets for Schools program is an extension of the Ride or Walk to School program to make the environment around schools safer to ride, walk, scooter or skate to and from school.

Riding, walking, scooting or skating are simple ways to incorporate physical activity into everyday lives and daily journeys. Physically active children are healthier, happier and more socially connected than children who have more sedentary lifestyles.

Active Streets makes it easier and safer for children to ride or walk to school. Not only will this get kids active, it will give parents peace of mind that the route to school is safe and easy to follow. It is also a fun way to get to and from school and helps alleviate some of the traffic congestion created by parents dropping kids off at the school gate.”

Active Streets for Schools, ACT Government, accessed  6/8/2020

The Active Streets program has been expanded to include an additional 52 primary schools during 2018-22. The schools were selected following an Expression of Interest (EOI) process, which invited all primary schools that hadn’t previously received Active Streets support to indicate their interest in the program. 

Active Streets for Schools, ACT Government, accessed  15/12/2021
Active Street along Wimmera Street at Harrison School, Gungahlin.
Drop off point within a short walking distance from Harrison School in the sport oval complex.

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