Cycling commuting in Canberra

Rushing off to work in the morning is familiar to everybody. Riding to work is enjoyable and good for our health. Getting there quickly and on time greatly matters. Considerable thought goes into getting to work. The routes between town centres are the most important ones and form cycle highways. This project focuses on the needs of commuting cyclists and the infrastructure they use daily.


  1. Canberra paths
  2. Komoot Collections
  3. The commuting routes
  4. Longer commutes

A mapping project for riding to work.

Canberra paths

Getting around Canberra on a bike is what we are all about. The infrastructure in Canberra is patchy. Riding on the road next to cars is often faster. The CBR Cycle Routes are the official routes with way signage, however, they are not always direct. Canberra cycle paths have grown historically. Only now are we considering them as a network where not all paths are equal. The hierarchical nature of the network recognises that the design, priority and investment in a path are dependent on its position in the network. This is not a new idea for roads, but is a new way of building cycling infrastructure. Read more about active travel and what makes a path good.

Riding to work, Canberra
Riding to work, Canberra

Komoot Collections

Komoot is a navigation and mapping tool with an excellent website and mobile app. It has been recently improved with different navigation modes and “collections”.

  • The automatic routing can be selected depending on what you are doing: walking, touring (city) bike, road cycling, gravel riding, mountain biking, enduro and mountain climbing. I am not sure what the difference is between mountain biking and enduro.
  • Collections allow grouping of multiple routes or trips. It turns out to be very useful. The collection may be different days of multiday trips or, as in this case, different routing options between two points. All the routes in the collection are shown on one map and you can jump between them.

Komoot is free and the navigation planning works in the mobile app. Photos can be uploaded, and highlights added to the tours.

The commuting routes

The commuting routes considered at this stage are between Belconnen, Civic, Gungahlin, Woden and Tuggeranong. The links to these posts are below.

More will be added. We welcome suggestions.

Longer commutes

The shortest route is usually via Civic. This results in the following backbone route: Gungahlin – Civic – Woden Tuggeranong. From Belconnen, the best option for riding to Woden and Tuggeranong is to head directly south on the CBR Cycle Route C5. More about his later.

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