Molonglo Valley: Notes from the Lost Valley

Whitlam, Molonglo Valley, ACT. Top pond in stage 1 area.

Molonglo Valley is not lost, but it is still trying to find its way. The next step seems to be the Molonglo Valley Community Council. It is nowhere close to finished and hopefully, the Molonglo Valley Community Council will make a difference.

The Molonglo Valley Community Forum provided insight into Molonglo Valley development. The Molonglo Valley Community Council has replaced the Molonglo Valley Community Forum. The first meeting of the Forum was on 18 March 2021.

Simon Tennent, Suburban Land Agency

Simon Tennent from the ACT Suburban Land Agency. He is the Development Director for the Molonglo Valley. Here is what we learnt from Simon.

The last information that could find on the Molonglo Town Centre was the Molonglo Valley Stage 2 Master Plan. The ACT Government directorate responsible for Molonglo Town Centre is Environment, Planning and Sustainable Development Directorate (EPSDD).

  • Building Molonglo Town Centre is a 13 year project
  • The ACT Government has still not completed the planning
  • EPSDD is currently working on the Molonglo Town Centre plan
  • Molonglo Valley is only 20% completed
  • Landscaping rebates are being provided to new homeowners by the ACT Government
  • Suburban Land Agency has mandated minimum requirements to private developers, but the community at times would have like to see more.
  • The Planning Directorate and Design Review Panel are considering changes to the Territory Plan to improve outcomes of estate development.
  • A good example of Coombs shops which have not been opened to date.
  • Closing a missing link between Coombs and Evelyn Scott School under the John Gorton Drive is planned. Strangely the other side of the is not part of this school’s priority enrolment area.
  • Simon expressed the ambition to build an iconic recreation riding loop around the Molonglo Valley. To this end, he would like to complete the missing link across the Coombs Peninsular.
  • The 330 kV power lines across along the length of the Molonglo Valley will be laid underground along William Hovell Drive and behind the National Arboretum (an approx $70 million project).
  • The first two stages of Whitlam are complete and land has gone on sale. Stage 3 is currently under development. Stage 4 is in planning including a 30 Megalitre dam to hold the runoff from Hawker and Mount Painter.
Planned underpass, Roy Corrigan Close, Coombs, Molonglo Valley
Planned underpass, Roy Corrigan Close, Coombs, Molonglo Valley

Nick McDonald Crowley, Capital Estate Developments

Nick McDonald Crowley, Director of Project Delivery, Capital Estate Developments. Capital Estate Developments is a subsidiary of The Capital Airport Group, is responsible for the construction of Denman Prospect.

  • Denman Village Shops have been a challenge and are still not viable. A restaurant Honeysuckle Dew and a hair dresser will open soon.
  • A regional park is planned opposite the shops.
  • Evelyn Scott School enrolled 200 kids in the first year.
  • A community centre should is under construction.
  • The Ridge Line Park will be upgrade with shade structures and toilets.
  • Land sales are strong
  • The removal of the pine trees has begun in Denman North. 4000 people will live in Denman North when it is completed.
  • Denman will take another 4-8 years to complete.
  • Trees will be planted on the edge of Denman along John Gorton Drive.
  • The bike path along the river corridor is under discussion with EPSDD
Evelyn Scott School, Denman Prospect, Molonglo Valley, ACT.
Evelyn Scott School, Denman Prospect, Molonglo Valley, ACT.

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