Mount Taylor from Weston Creek Pond via Heysen Street

Mount Taylor is not all that far from Weston Creek Pond, but mostly uphill. We are rewarded at the top with the view. The route is via Heysen Street.

Climb summary

  • Distance: 8.6 km one way
  • Climb: 370 m
  • Maximum gradient: 20% on Summit Fire Trail
  • Surface: mostly paved except for short sections in the last km.
  • Recommended bike: mountain bike

Getting to the Mount Taylor Nature Reserve

Tuggeranong Parkway is a barrier and there are only a few points that it can be crossed. This route is via the new Heysen Street Link and looping through Lyons.

An alternate route would be to ride over the peak (648 m) of Oakey Hill Reserve. The road up is asphalt and Weston Oakey Track will take you down again until reaching Lyons Fire Trail and Hindmarsh Drive.

Mount Taylor from Weston Creek Pond via Heysen Street, Komoot. Map OpenStreetMap contributors.

Mount Taylor Nature Reserve

Waldock Drive will take you to the parking area and Summit Fire Trail continues to the peak. Summit Fire Trail has seriously degraded over the last 10 years. Some sections are dirt. The road condition makes it unsuitable for road bikes

Mount Taylor (855 m) provides views of both Weston Creek and Woden Valley.

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