Cycling: Casey Concept Plan

Casey Concept plan showing cycling path around the edge. Casey Concept Plan. Territory Plan, page 37

Casey Concept Plan is found in the Territory Plan. Cycling in the Territory Plan is not mentioned all that often. Here are the extracts for Casey.


The planned off-road bike path around the edge of Casey (on the western side) was never completed. This may be a single case or an example pointing to a tendency not only to leave bike paths for last but also to forget them and move on.

Casey bike path around the eastern edge that was never built. CyclOSM.
Casey bike path around the eastern edge that was never built. CyclOSM.

Casey Concept Plan

2.8.5 Road Network

A range of intersection and mid-block treatments are likely to be required to discourage speed and enhance amenity along the central collector road, such as slow points and mini roundabouts. These will need to be designed in detail at the Estate Development Plan stage to suit bus and bicycle movements. In producing a suitable alignment and traffic management features on this road there is a trade-off between increasing bus service efficiencies and discouraging speed. Speed/safety issues are more important on streets on which people live than marginal savings in bus travel times.

Casey Concept Plan, 19 December 2008, Territory Plan. page 21

Traffic analysis

For pedestrian and bicycle access to the Casey Group Centre, the future (longer-term) conversion of the roundabout to traffic signals adjacent to the Nicholls playing fields should be considered. A significant proportion of pedestrian/cyclists/traffic will cross at-grade, even though there are nearby underpasses. It will serve users of the playing fields, the nearby high school and local residents.

Casey Concept Plan, 19 December 2008, Territory Plan. page 21

2.8.6 Pedestrian and Bicycle Network

Figure 15 shows the main elements of the proposed off-road bicycle and pedestrian network.

Footpaths in all streets (with the exception of culs-de-sac) represent the basic element of the proposed pedestrian/bicycle network. In the case of nominated bus-capable roads, footpaths on both sides of the street are proposed to facilitate convenient and safe access to bus stops.

The internal suburban pedestrian network provides safe access to all urban open spaces, as well as providing easy linkages to the western ridge.

The Concept Plan proposes a dedicated pathway parallel to the road reserve on Horsepark Drive and Clarrie Hermes Drive. This provides for safe travel off-road, and connects with existing underpasses to Ngunnawal and Nicholls, as well as the Group Centre and proposed
signalised intersection on Clarrie Hermes Drive to service the Gold Creek School.

In addition to the underpass on Clarrie Hermes Drive, a new signalised pedestrian crossing is proposed as an important facility on Clarrie Hermes Drive between the two existing estate entry roads to facilitate safe road crossing for children walking/cycling from Casey to Gold Creek School.

Pedestrian movement into/from Casey is supported by three existing underpasses (Horse Park Drive and Clarrie Hermes Drive). These connections have been integrated into the Concept Plan street layout and pedestrian/open space network.

To minimise the incidence of random pedestrian movement across Horse Park Drive and improve pedestrian safety, pedestrian refuges are proposed at the main roundabout, to complement the existing pedestrian underpass.

The proposed signalised intersection near the intersection with the Casey Local Centre and Burrumarra Avenue would facilitate safe east-west pedestrian access in this area. There would also be another pedestrian access under the proposed bridge on Horse Park Drive at the northern end of Casey.

Casey Concept Plan, 19 December 2008, Territory Plan. page 22
Casey Concept Plan, off-road cycle network. Territory Plan, page 22
Casey Concept Plan, off-road cycle network. Territory Plan, page 22

2.11.1 Open Space and general landscape character

Use of the open space corridors and pocket parks as landscape features, as well as pedestrian and bicycle movement corridors.

Casey Concept Plan, 19 December 2008, Territory Plan. page 27

Table 6: Important Planning Requirements for Casey Residential Areas

Pedestrian and Cycle Network

An off-road pedestrian/bicycle path network shall be provided as part of the Casey estate generally consistent with the Casey Concept Plan and Figure 15. This network shall provide safe connection to all urban open spaces within Casey and the adjacent non-urban open space where achievable.

Appropriate pedestrian paths shall be provided on all streets except for lower order culs-de-sac and access lanes.

The pedestrian network shall also connect to existing underpasses across Horse Park Drive and Clarrie Hermes Drive.

A new signalised intersection shall be provided at the intersection of Horse Park drive/Burrammurra Street (Ngunnawal) that allows for safe pedestrian access. A signalised pedestrian crossing shall be provided on Clarrie Hermes Drive, between the intersection with Kelleway Avenue and the entry to the playing fields, to create safe access between suburbs including access to Gold Creek High School.

To assist safe access to schools and other recreation networks, provision shall be made for an additional pedestrian underpass under Horse Park Drive extension at Ginninderra Creek Tributary crossing to the north of Casey.

Casey Concept Plan, 19 December 2008, Territory Plan. page 38
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