Cycling: Macgregor West Concept Plan

Macgregor West Concept Plan is found in the Territory Plan. Cycling in the Territory Plan is not mentioned all that often. Here are the extracts for Macgregor West.


The planned off-road bike path around the western edge of Macgregor West was never completed. This may be a single case or an example pointing to a tendency, not only to leave bike paths for last, but also to forget them and move on. This problem is also found with Casey.

The cycle path network on the western edge was never completed, Macgregor West, CyclOSM.

Macgregor West Concept Plan

A cycle path is shown on the concept plan along the western edge.

Figure 9 path network plan, Macgregor West Concept Plan, Territory Plan, page 20
Figure 9 path network plan, Macgregor West Concept Plan, Territory Plan, page 20

3.3 Open Space Structure

The Concept Plan establishes an open space network that retains significant stands of mature eucalyptus, provides local open space with playgrounds, provides pedestrian and bicycle links to the wider area, and connects the development to the further open space areas at the “Urban edge”.

Consistent with the Territory Plan, a landscape corridor is to be retained between the western edge of existing Macgregor and the new development area. The corridor varies in width but,
on average, is approximately 100 metres wide. This buffer space will retain the existing trees and equestrian trail, and will be enhanced with new landscaping and paths.

Macgregor West Concept Plan, Territory Plan, page 5

This section outlines the important planning requirements derived from the Concept Plan that will inform the estate development planning process.

5.1 Specific Planning Intentions
The specific planning intentions outlined in the Important Planning Requirements Plan include:

provides local public open space pedestrian/bicycle linkages between existing and future housing

Macgregor West Concept Plan, Territory Plan, page 9

5.14 Cycle Paths

There is potential to improve the cycle facilities in the area to promote an alternative to car use by providing recreational cycle facilities. The Concept Plan (Figure 2) makes provision for the following:

– shared pedestrian/bicycle paths in the proposed open space system on identified
desire lines
– connections to the existing bicycle network in the Macgregor area
– continuation of the existing cycleway (off-street) along Southern Cross Drive and
– Ginninderra Drive to the development site
– on-road cycling opportunities throughout the estate.

The extension of Southern Cross Drive will incorporate on-road cycling in accordance with Government Policy. Internal roads do not necessitate specific cycle lanes.

The road and cycle paths for the Macgregor West Study area has been developed in association with the Canberra cycle master plan.

Macgregor West Concept Plan, Territory Plan, page 19

5.19 Works Associated with Development

Works are to be provided as part of the development, including:

– remediation of Ginninderra Creek including pedestrian/bicycle path and landscaping.

Macgregor West Concept Plan, Territory Plan, page 24
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