North Watson Structure Plan

Structure plans are different to concept plans, but it may not be obvious. Cycling is not mentioned much in the Territory Plan. Here are extracts from the North Watson Structure Plan.

Does a concept plan exist for this area? NO.


This article is one of a series of articles reviewing cycling in the Territory Plan. The first series covers the concept plans. This series covers the structure plans

Structure or concept plan?

What is a structure plan?
A structure plan sets out principles and policies for development of the future urban areas.

Planning and Development Act 2007, 71.

What is a concept plan?
A concept plan—
(a) applies the principles and policies in the structure plan to future urban areas; and
(b) is a precinct code in the territory plan (see section 55 (3)) that guides the preparation and assessment of development in future urban areas to which the concept plan relates.

Planning and Development Act 2007, 71.

North Watson Structure Plan

North Watson Structure Plan, 19 December 2006, Territory Plan, accessed 16 June 2021.

This section is intentionally left blank as Bicycles, cycling, active travel and shared paths are not mentioned.

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