Submission contents’s submission to the Standing Committee on Planning, Transport and City Services. Making Canberra a city where we can cycle safely and easily, at any time, from 8-80 years. Here is the table of contents with links to the text.


  1. Breaking the car habit
  2. Cycling network design
    2.1 The UK approach to network design
    2.2 The Propensity to Cycle Tool
    2.3 Go Dutch: Propensity to Cycle Tool analysis
  3. Cycling in the ACT
    3.1 Household, Income and Labour Dynamics in Australia (HILDA) survey
    3.2 National Cycling Participation Survey (NCPS)
    3.3 The Australian Infrastructure Audit 2019
    3.4 Australian mode share by state from ABS data
    3.5 Seasonal variations in cycling
  4. Safety
    4.1 Austroads recommendations on speed limits
    4.2 Cycling injuries to children
    4.3 Australian cycling safety 2015
    4.4 Why speed kills cyclists
    4.5 Pyrrhic victories in road safety
    4.6 Safety is all in the mind
    4.7 Good reasons for cycle paths
    4.8 Measuring cycling safety
  5. Active Travel
    5.1 The reason why we need active travel
    5.2 CBR Cycle Routes
    5.3 Cycle highways
    5.4 The Active Infrastructure Practitioner Tool
    5.5 The Active Infrastructure Practitioner is dated
  6. Territory Plan
    6.1 We think like mayflies
    6.2 Lessons of history
    6.3 Cycle paths: planned but not built
    6.4 Language of structure plans
    6.5 Statement of Strategic Directions
    6.6 Territory Plan: outdated and incomplete
  7. Movement and Place
    7.1 Feels like home
    7.2 Moving Canberra 2019-2045 Integrated Transport Strategy
    7.3 ACT Planning Strategy 2018
    7.4 Change management: welcome back the lily pond
  8. Cycle corridors
    8.1 Riding today but planning for tomorrow
    8.2 Public realm spaces and cycle corridors
    8.3 The curious case of rapid transit
    8.4 Reserving cycle corridors – à la light rail
  9. 2019 Australian Walking and Cycling Conference
    9.1 Getting There Faster by Slowing Down
    9.2 Urban Density is Good for Us All
    9.3 Cycling cities is about not re-inventing the wheel
  10. Bibliography
  11. Tables List
  12. Figures List
  13. Index

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