Butters Bridge, Monlonglo

Butters Bridge, Molonglo Valley, Canberra.

The Butters Bridge is the only bridge across the Molonglo for pedestrians and cyclists. Coppins Crossing is unsafe for pedestrians and cyclists, which leaves only Butters Bridge. Despite the bridge being built 8 years ago, the ACT Government has given little priority to building paths to the ends of this beautiful bridge. The completion of Namarag reserve in 2021 left the gates on Coppins Crossing Road locked. Lifting the bike over a gate is impossible for many people, including wheelchairs.

A new cycling bridge – now 8 years old

The ACT Government hailed the Butters Bridge as “a new cycling bridge in the Molonglo Valley” (Our Canberra, December 2016). Unfortunately, ACT Environment would prefer that cyclists avoid it.

The intentions for the bridge are discussed more at length here.

Our Canberra, December 2016
Our Canberra, December 2016

Bridge profile

The Butters Bridge won the Master Builders Association 2016 Award in the National Civil / Infrastructure category. Cost $7.7m, length 242 m, 25 m above the Molonglo River, and one of ACT`s tallest and longest bridges.

Master Builders Australia, 2016 National Award Winner. Molonglo Link 2 Bridge Construction Time-lapse

Butters Bridge construction in time-lapse
View along the valley towards the bridge
Footing of the bridge on the south side during the construction phase
Butters Bridge, Molonglo Valley, Canberra
Butters Bridge, Molonglo Valley, Canberra

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