Woden Town Centre: expect disruptions

CIT Woden - planned completion 2025

Recently, Launceston Street and Callam Street were closed for the construction of the Woden Light Rail terminus. The construction of the CIT will follow. Until 2025, Callam Street will remain a construction site, and when it opens, will be accessible to buses only. During the construction, the area will be less permeable for cyclist, but should be better afterwards.

Woden Town Centre cycling 9 June 2022

Due to the construction of the Woden light rail terminus, sections of both Launceston Street and Callam Street are closed. It is now best to avoid both. The orange area (see the map below) is heavily impacted by construction and can only be crossed at one point east to west from Matilda Street. Cyclists are better off using the Corinna Street cycleway or CBR Cycle Route C4 on the other side of Yarralumla Creek which are unaffected by the construction work.

Launceston Street and Callam Street closures, Woden Town Centre. Map: CyclOSM and OpenStreetMap and contributors. 9 June 2022.


  1. you will never get my name says:

    Whatever you do, DO NOT USE CORINNA STREET CYCLE LANE, that is a fatal accident waiting to happen.


    1. PanAnalysis says:

      Thanks for your comment. We think the protected cycle lane on Corrinna Street is poorly designed. Pedal Power was involved with the design and I am sure they would have noticed too. Unfortunately, due to the secrecy of those discussions we do not know what went on. Please contact us via our facebook page canberra.bike as this website is now an archive and not monitored on a daily basis. Thanks for your feed back.


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