ACT population 454,499: ABS Census 2021

The last ABS Census was conducted on 10 August 2021. Last week the data was finally released. The ACT Government made a recent announcement. Today, a few highlights from the ABS Census for the Molonglo Valley and Gungahlin. Note: despite common community thinking, Gungahlin does not have a lot of apartments, unlike the Molonglo Valley.

Molonglo Valley highlights

Molonglo Valley has a rapidly growing population. The population on the census night was 11,435 people. The proportion of the population in the 25-39 years brackets is almost twice as high as the ACT average, and 74 years and above less than a third. The ancestry data is notable, with almost 3 times more than the ACT average identifying as Indian. The population is language diverse, with households where a non-English language is used twice the ACT average (outliers are Punjabi, Telugu and Malayalam). The population is almost twice as likely to live in flats or apartments (35.2%) than the ACT average (19.4%). Those living is separate houses is lower than the ACT average (40.8% versus 63.2% ACT). In most other respects, Molonglo falls close to what is typical for the ACT, including schooling (type of educational institution attending). The new nappy valley? No.

Gungahlin highlights

ABS 2021 Census data tells us that Gungahlin is a very typical Canberra district, with a population of 87,682. A notable difference is that the number of people with parents born in India, China, or Pakistan is twice as high as the ACT average, and the languages spoken at home (Indian, Mandarin and Urdu) and religious affiliation (Hinduism and Islam) show the same patterns. Median weekly incomes are Canberra average. Two thirds of the population live in a detached house, which is typical for Canberra. Gungahlin Council resists the construction of new flats or apartments. That might leave the impression they have a lot of them. The census suggests otherwise. Fewer people live in apartments in Gungahlin than is typical for Canberra (13.1% versus 19.4% in ACT and Molonglo Valley 35.2%).

2021 Census Community Profiles: Statistical Areas Level 3. Boundaries, ABS, accessed 30 June 2022.

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