ACT population 454,499: ABS Census 2021

The last ABS Census was conducted on 10 August 2021. Only now is the data being released. The ACT Government made a recent announcement. Today, a few highlights from the ABS Census for the Molonglo Valley and Gungahlin. Gungahlin does not have a lot of apartments, after all, unlike the Molonglo Valley.

Scooter stories

Some would argue that using a scooter is not active travel, but few would fail to recognise how much scooters have changed Canberra in the last years. Despite their success, scooters are not a panacea to congestion that TCCS needs. Scooters tend to attract a different crowd. International studies show scooter are hardly used by cyclists and are an unlikely replacement for cars. Those that ride scooters would otherwise walk to travel with public transport.

ACT Cycling: no change in a decade

The ACT Report, National Walking and Cycling Participation Survey 2021, now the responsibility of the Cycling and Walking Australia and New Zealand (CWANZ), confirms what we have long suspected. Cycling as a mode of transport has not increased in the ACT. In the last 10 years, there has been no statistical significant change in the cycling participation. What should we do differently.