Mesoscopic model: cure for myopia?

Most people would not regard traffic engineering as sexy. Our memories of a visit to the zoo is full of cuddly animals and not the cafeteria or toilets. That does not mean the cafeteria and toilets are unimportant. We take the infrastructure in the city for granted. TCCS is a traditional organisation with traditional ways. The last legislative term was noticeable for the absence of cycle infrastructure. The Commonwealth Bridge crisis, is changing TCCS but it is a painful and slow process. The outsourcing of the light rail planning may be symptomatic that they struggle with new ways.

C10 City to Molonglo Feasibility Study

The Molonglo Valley to City Trunk Cycleway: Feasibility Study was the result of the ACT Labor and ACT Greens 2012 Parliamentary Agreement: also known as the “C10 City – Molonglo” cycling route and an official CBR Cycle Route (Principal Community Route). It is intended to provide a direct and high-quality cycling route between the Molonglo Valley and the City.