History of Sulwood Drive 2003-2022

The missing cycle path along Sulwood Drive between Tuggeranong Parkway and Athllon Drive has a long history. Letters to the Minister and Roads ACT go back as far as 2003. Labor promised a path for Sulwood Drive at the 2019 Federal Election, and ACT Labor reaffirmed this at the 2020 ACT Election. Funding was included for the path in the ACT 2021-2022 Budget.

18 years later and still not built!

We must remain sceptical of consultations. The consultation for (ACT) Ten Year Master Plan Trunk Cycling and Walking Path Infrastructure 2004, shows us that the recommendations have still not be implemented 18 years later. The process in 2004 has an eerie familiarity to the 2021 District Planning consultations.

Local Area Traffic Management in Kambah

Recent studies demonstrate that bad ACT road design is a major factor in why our roads poorly serve pedestrians and cyclists. Kambah is a good example. The roads need to be fixed quickly with affordable solutions. If you would like your children to be able to walk around the suburb safely, Local Area Traffic Management is worth knowing about.

Why schools struggle to improve safety

Children do not walk to school because cars make it unsafe to do so. To improve road safety for children around schools, we require traffic calming measures, on all sides, and the implementation of safe zones, where children can move without crossing roads and getting close to motor vehicles. Any approach will require some government expenditure and urban renewal. TCCS have named the process Local Area Traffic Management (LATM). The Lyneham Primary School Petition is a typical attempt to improve safety around the school. At the moment, the chances of any improvement, however, are low. 😦

2020-2040 more roads worth $1.3 billion

From public data, we know that $1.3 billion will be spent on road widening or duplication projects between 2020 and 2040 around the ACT. These are projects are completed, planned or coming. Two of the projects are already completed, most are already funded, and a further 3 big-ticket items added are planned in the next decade or two. That is just what we know now – more will come.

Community Path Priority List: 19 km bike paths, just $10.2 million

TCCS is the department of many lists. The Community Path Priority List is one of these lists. The ACT Government’s own Active Travel Standards (MIS05) for bike paths mandate a minimum 2.5 m path width in retrofit (replacement) and even wider for new paths. Many paths on the Community Path Priority List are not compliant as cycle infrastructure. Those that are compliant, belong to the strategic cycle infrastructure and are found here.

TCCS community path priority list

TCCS Path Priority List shows which paths will be fixed or built next. Before the ACT Legislative Assembly PTCS Committee, TCCS said that the list is worth little as it changes all the time. Our analysis found the rankings were remarkably stable. We compared two lists release via FOI on 2 March 2021 and 10 December 2021 (283 days later), and discovered almost NO CHANGE in 100 highest ranked projects. This makes TCCS statements seem disingenuous.

Molonglo Valley Active Travel Masterplan

The Molonglo Valley Active Travel Masterplan was awarded to SMEC Australia by the Environment, Planning and Sustainable Development Directorate (EPSDD) – known to most as ACT Planning. canberra.bike established by FOI back in 2021 that Molonglo Valley Active Travel Masterplan did not exist back then.