2022 Molonglo Group Centre Concept Plan

Does the ACT Government really believe that the average person is keen to cycle on the road along John Gorton Drive? Today saw the release of the Molonglo Group Centre Concept Plan, which will set this concept into stone. The road designs of John Gorton Drive and Flemington Road are very similar, and experience shows that they do not work for cyclists.

2010-2019 Molonglo Stage 2 planning documents

The documents found here are for Molonglo Stage 2 Transport Planning related information between 2010-2019 and were obtained through FOI 21-101215 1 April 2021, EPSDD. We highlighted 18 development plans (EDP), planning design frameworks (PDF), or development applications (DA) for the suburbs Coombs, Wright, Molonglo and Denman Prospect.