Many pieces moving but few immediate gains

If you are riding on a bumpy bike path, you would hope the bumps would be fixed in a few months or one or two years at the most. The politicians and government officials that make up our government will tell you to be patient, and they are working on it, but we have a discrepancy in the time frame. Cycle infrastructure projects in the ACT take 6-8 years to complete – two legislative terms.

Planning Bill question: GHG emissions reduction

It is an obvious question, where does the ACT Planning Bill 2022 mandate green house gas (GHG) reductions. GHG emission are the major driver of climate change. The Climate Change Emergency implies that we should be trying to reduce them.

Planning review overview 2022

Understanding the Planning Review is not easy. General information presentation introduced the ACT Planning Bill 2022 at a high level. Legal documents all detail and hard to make sense of. Understanding of the Planning Review process is a good place to start. Selected slides from the Planning Bill Presentation.

Planning Bill General Information from EPSDD

The ACT Planning webinar to introduce the ACT Planning Bill 2022 was Friday, 8 April 2022. It was well done, but, as they say themselves, legislation is not a sexy topic. Here is the transcript from the presentation, should you have missed the webinar.