Woden Town Centre: expect disruptions

Recently, Launceston Street and Callam Street were closed for the construction of the Woden Light Rail terminus. The construction of the CIT will follow. Until 2025, Callam Street will remain a construction site, and when it opens, will be accessible to buses only. During the construction, the area will be less permeable for cyclist, but should be better afterwards.

Heysen Street Link history

The Heysen Street Link was promised at the 2016 ACT Election, came up again at the 2019 Federal election, but it was not until 2020 that the construction of the Heysen Street Link was announced. In the end, it took about 5 years to build, with funding from Fast Track and the expanded scope for the Woden Renewal. The path width varies along its length and a bit of the path is still missing passes the Lyon shops.

Making intersections safe: traffic calming

Making an intersection safe may involve signalisation – in normal language, we would say traffic lights. Traffic lights work but are expensive. The price is justified in the case of high traffic volumes or many accidents (Black Spot Program). For side streets, the simpler and cheaper way is zebra crossing.

Section 8.3 The curious case of rapid transit

This case study of rapid transit in the Molonglo Valley shows that corridors for vehicular traffic and light rail may have something in common, but public transit corridors are poorly suited for a cycle highway (transit). Cycle networks are different.

Woden light rail terminus: no bike paths

In Europe, one common way to get to the nearest light rail stop is with the bike. All you need is a path, dedicated bike parking area when you get there. Woden light rail terminus won’t offer any of that.

Athllon Drive Duplication: not for cyclists

Athllon Drive Duplication is coming but for the cyclist it is nothing to get excited about. The Athllon Drive Duplication has been welcomed by many in the south who drive to Woden or Civic. For cyclists, however, the project sadly offers little. Road duplications are about prioritising cars not bikes.